संत मौनी बाबा

एस.एम.एस. बालिका महाविदयालय

    Founder's Desk Message

         1 Learn to obey

         2 Freedom of thought and equal opportunity to all

         3 The Education is the greatest weapon of freedom to the world can be

         4 Imagination is more important than knowledge

         5 Imagination is more important than knowledge

"Knowledge is limited Imagination encircles the world"

"Yaduvansh"  Ram Gulam's only one son Gokul's had Two son (late Marjad and Late Sarju Yadav) who was  soft-spoken and runs were simple attend his alone son Mohan Yadav who is larger the pious, dutiful and honest person dedicated to domestic life. He has four Son Shivsharan, Dr. Om Prakash, Nanadlal and Hiralal. Shivsharn is the elder son  who would not be wrong to say great arduous and solitaire Shivsharanji Living parents get inspiration to deepen the roots of religion

                To complete the unfinished work of the ancients born in the dock of his parents as Bhagirath. It is by product of parents love pure and virtuous deeds . of the sublime. To be born in  an ordinary householder family for waving the kudos flag first time received blessing of Parm Pujay Pad Sant Shiromani Mauni  Baba


                The foundation stone held by his father Mohan Yadav is hand giving the line of his revered on Friday morning 8:00 o'clock of January 2006 year. And appointed as protector at the court his younger brother Dr. Om Prakash Yadav

                Under the aeqis of Shashya Shyamala Param Pujya Pad Sant Shiromani Mauni Baba this college are Marching always on the path of development for this blessing this memory cards is transmitted to all readers.

Jai hind, Jai Mounibaba, Jai Sarju Baba

Jai Vidyalaya…!!!

Shri. Shivsharan Singh Yadav  s/o Mohan Singh Yadav